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“Larry at Sound Impressions Inc has done a fantastic job, we can not be more please and excited. As we finish unpacking and setting up our new apartment, you guys have helped make it a home. Your team was great, responsive, and listened to our needs/ideas and found practical solutions (always sensitive to the costs). You are exactly what we were looking for in a partner and you exceeded expectations. We would recommend you to anyone looking to take something from ordinary to extraordinary.”

Cary – NYC

“Last night we were watching the Yankees game and were able to hear such unbelievable detail. The crowd chatter and umpires calls were so clear- not like anything we have ever heard before.

We also watched Without A Trace, which I found out is in 5.1 sound. The detail was also amazing. We heard footsteps in the background and things that we never would have been able to hear before.

We are thrilled with the system and wanted to thank you, Larry, again. I will definitely stay touch and let you know when we are ready to do some additional work in the future. Thanks again!

We would definitely recommend his team. You can always get a hold of him even on a Sunday.

John – Long Island