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Pre-Wiring and Setup

We install a traditional wired network using the type of wiring that meets the Category 6e standard. We will run the wires within your walls and install wall plates. In addition to the end positions at each desk, we will install a professional patch panel near your server from which your hub or switch can be connected. All installed wiring is tested to make sure that it is working and is up to standards.

Wireless Networks

Sometimes, it makes more sense to install a wireless network. You may have a staff that moves around quite a bit or does not spend the majority of its time in the same desk at the office. A typical example of this is a sales force. For these types of individuals or for temporary office space, it is often better to create a secure wireless network. Sound Impressions Inc has the expertise to create these types of networks and to harden them from outside access and abuse. We can also configure PCs and notebooks to connect to the network automatically when your employees are in the office. Setting up this type of network typically saves your company money by eliminating the cost of wiring.